Pain in Lower Right Abdomen

Top 5 Sources of Pain in Lower Right Abdomen Female

Upon experiencing pain in lower right abdomen female should call for some medical help right away. It is best to be aware of possible diseases that can evoke such pain, but it’s only a doctor who can make a final call. Some of the most common causes of the pain in lower left abdomen in female are:

4 quadrants of Abdomen

  • Ectopic pregnancy is the first thing that comes to most doctors’ minds when examining a woman aged 10 to 55, who experiences pain in lower left abdomen. Pain sensations are equally possible in lower left abdomen, as pain localization fully depends on which tube or side is affected by ectopic pregnancy. One of the major signs of abnormal pregnancy is vaginal bleed. Weakness and dizziness are other important symptoms. Pain may be of different intensity, sometimes dull, but often sharp too. Ectopic means that pregnancy stays in any other part of the abdomen apart from the womb. It often leads to severe bleeding and is, therefore, a life threatening condition that requires emergency treatment. It is very possible that a woman may not even be aware she’s pregnant when the symptoms begin to show.
  • Menstrual pain (or period pain) is very easily identified by most women. Lower right abdominal pain occurs just a few days before the beginning of the period. While the pain resolves itself in two days’ time, painkillers are often prescribed to ease this pain. In certain cases menstrual pain can be quite intense and require doctor’s consultation. Due to the frequency of period pains women often mix them up with abdominal pains caused by other factors.
  • Appendicitis is associated with gradual pain that moves from the center of the belly to the lower right abdomen. As pain sensations shift to the right, pain intensity may switch from dull to sharp. Appendicitis can be identified by its other symptoms, e.g. bad appetite, vomiting sensations or actual vomiting, and fever.


  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) can sometimes cause pain in lower right abdomen. In this case pain itself is not the only indication. Other symptoms are bleeding between periods, smelling vaginal discharge, sharp pains during sex, fever, etc. PID is diagnosed by a doctor after a thorough examination and a number of tests. It is viable to ensure that your partner gets treatment as well to avoid re-contamination.
  • Kidney stones or stones in kidney ureters are often a source of sharp pain in lower right abdomen. Female patients with very low pain threshold can even swoon from severe pain that movement of kidney stones causes. Major symptoms are extremely sharp pain and vomiting. Stones in kidneys deliver very serious problems to their victims as pain often spreads to the side of the back and other parts of the torso. Luckily, they are successfully treated without abdominal surgery.
  • Bowel cancer (also called colon cancer) is, fortunately, not the most frequent cause of pain in lower right abdomen in females and males alike. This disease is largely attributed to elderly people, but people of other ages can develop it too. Major symptoms include increased toilet time, significant weight loss and major changes in bowel habit. Moreover, such changes are normally persistent for a period of at least 2 to 3 months. If that’s the case, make sure to make an appointment with your physician right away.

Other diseases that cause lower right abdominal pain are:

  • Constipation
  • Food Poisoning
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Hernia, and more

There are a lot of sources of female lower right abdomen pain, so unless you’re certain that it’s just a common period pain, it’s important to turn to your doctor to make a final diagnosis.

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